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With the little one on the way, I will be accepting just a few more select weddings for 2011. But... Have no fear!!!! My wonderful Associate Rob is here and now booking for 2011. Rob has been my wedding sidekick for the past 3 years and my best friend/brother for just about my entire life (minus two years). His approach to weddings is a little different than mine, which is why we make such a great team. While he has inherited a little bit of my flair for fashion, he has also developed his own sense of style. i absolutely love seeing what comes out of his camera, it's amazing to be at the same event as someone and seeing how different their interpretation of the day. He is best described as cool, calm, and collected and enjoys taking more of a fly on the wall approach to documenting weddings.

With Rob shooting his own weddings this year, our studio has been swamped with post production as we individually analyze and edit each image that goes into your gallery. We pride ourselves in quality and don't intend on changing a thing! More of his work can be viewed on our website jenniferskog.comunder ASSOCIATE. Also, if you notice on the weddings I publish here on the blog, any image that has the JENNIFER SKOG PHOTOGRAPHERS logo on it is by Rob! Please contact our studio to inquire about booking for 2011.

Here is just a small sample of some of his weddings he shot this year:

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