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What are you so afraid of?

I've been home about 3 weeks now and the recent conversations with people I havent' seen in a while have got me thinking.. When I left for Kansas, I was very thin with anxiety, I enjoyed fitting into clothes better, but it got to a point where I couldn't even find jeans that didn't sag in my booty and my neck skin started to sag because I had nothing on me and quite honestly, my head was not in the right space. Fast forward a year a half of being away, some ovary issues, a cranky hip, new meds and well, to say the least I've gained a few of those lbs back. My girlfriend Shannon has been nudging me to get back into my U-Jam class because our instructor Jollene's energy is something I just can't get enough of. I was able to go to a few classes in KC, but the classes were smaller and darker so we couldn't see too much of ourselves in the reflection staring back at us. Not the case in Jollene's class, this ray of sunshine has a bright, positive space to dance away anything on your mind. I kept catching glimpses of myself with disgust 'Ugh, why did I wear this tank top? All I could look at was my flabby, white, lumpy arms staring back in the mirror. I found that every time I just ignored the chick in the mirror, the sexier I felt dancing to the music. It suddenly hit me why so many women don't 'have the guts' to do a photo shoot that is all about them.

I know that I am not happy with the way I look right now and that I don't really care to see anymore of myself than I already do. But nobody else sees the things we hate in ourselves, the things we fixate on and hold against ourselves. Nobody cares about those things, all they want to see is your smiling face dancing to the beat of your own drum.

What if I could show you how beautiful you are? What if we could give you an extraordinary day of beauty, fashion and empowerment? Leave you with a sense of accomplishment, bravery and confidence. Don't you think you deserve this? And hasn't it crossed your mind 'I wonder how I would look doing one of these?'. Aren't you curious? Do you think you can go your whole life not knowing how it feels or how freaking good you might photograph? Do you want to go through your whole life not pushing yourself to take that jump into the uncomfortable. And don't think you need a lover to have yourself photographed. This is a gift for you, this is part of your life story. A little piece of yourself that you can share or hold tightly onto. Our photoshoots can be anything you want, the limits are endless, just imagine as if someone was writing a magazine article about you. This is about who you are when you close your eyes, it's about fantasy and you can be whomever you want to be.

We really don't even know what the call this anymore, because it isn't all boudoir, it's got a bit of lifestyle and fashion mixed in there too. Our production-style shoots are story-boarded, styled and shot like an editorial feature, complete with hair & makeup styling by industry leader, PMA. Collectively, our team will curate a moodboard, collaborate on wardrobe, location scout, and design an incredible photo shoot with magazine worthy photographs show for it. This JENNIFER SKOG EXPERIENCE celebrates the life you created and will leave you feeling beautiful, empowered and craving more!

So the other day, I was chatting with a friend on the phone and I shared that I had been considering doing something with my career for 2 years now. Flabbergasted he said "What are you so afraid of?!!" I was speechless. He's absolutely right, what am I so afraid of? All of could think of is the young girl that was encouraged never to be afraid to pursue your dreams. If anyone can do it, I can. And that is absolutely what I hope you take from this message.

All shoots booked between January and April will receive a special one of a kind gift from yours truly.


See our latest work on our new Instagram @SKOGgoneROGUE I can't wait to work on our next project together!

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Game of Thrones
Designer Baby Shower for my baby sis

When we found out my baby sister was having a little boy, I knew that I wanted to have it somehow revolve around her and little prince. Along with our husbands, we are both huge fans of the show Game of Thrones and I am absolutely in awe of the sets and costumes, I seriously dream about the fashion. So when brainstorming about how to theme my Little Prince Baby Shower, it clicked! GAME OF THRONES!!! Not cheesy or gory, but like a big celebratory feast with lots of candle light, fresh fruits, loaves of bread, wine flowing and accents of brass and dark jeweled tones. I had the idea to create a wall feature with some personalized banners just for Lindsay and Drew, the first, a silhouette of a German Shepard with the ears tweaked larger to resemble their own Shepard mix, Sadie. The second banner had a 'W' for their House Name, and the final a Viking hat to signify both of their Nordic ancestry. PJ worked with a combination of her treasures and mine adding in leafy greens, berries, and citrus from my backyard. For lunch we served 'Pigeon Pie' (hand-made by mom and dad) which were little chicken and apple stuffed hand pies, Potato Porridge, and a fresh Spinach Salad. And how amazing is this cake we worked with Katrina Rozelle to design?! Perfection! This was hands downs the most beautiful event my mom and I have ever thrown and there is no one more deserving of it than my little princess.

Designer/Planner: Jennifer Skog
Photographer: Jennifer Skog
Stylist & Vintage Pieces: PJ Rude, Texture
Furniture, Linens, China and Glassware: Hartmann Studios
Cake: Katrina Rozelle

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Hudson Joseph

Today's Blog Post is dedicated to my sweet little nephew Hudson 'huddy' who turns 1 year old today! This time for me last year, was sort of bittersweet. We had found out we were moving to Kansas City about 6 weeks prior and were planning on moving just a week after our little boo was born. Selfishly, I was hoping he'd arrive early(safely), just so I could hold onto him a little bit longer before moving halfway across the country. Life, like it always does, seemed to have worked itself out as it took a little longer to find our house and we got to enjoy 2 full months with him!

My sister entering motherhood has been such a dream to watch and my little nephew is seriously the sweetest, coolest little guy we ever could have hoped for. Even though we are so far away from him, thankfully my work has brought us home often and we've had many sleepovers together. My kids are obsessed with him and we couldn't be more grateful for this little guy. I'm sorry I'm not there today little boo, but we love you soooooo much and can't wait to squeeze you!

Alright so let's talk for a second about my little sis and the amazing nursery her & her hubby Drew created together! Hudson's California Indie inspired room boasts a reclaimed wood wall, freshly painted retro vintage dresser, a DIY Camel Rocker made from a Vintage Tufted Chair, a Navajo & Faux Fur Rug, and a collection of art & accessories from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby. I got to come in at the help and help out with the styling. I just love how it all came together! Happy birthday my sweet boy, we love you so much!

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A bit of news!

I'm so excited to unveil our latest wedding & boudoir work on the new Jennifer Skog Photography website! With this we are proud to announce that we have become a Hybrid Boutique Studio shooting both the beloved Medium Format Film and Digital Photography.

Even more importantly, I think it is about time to introduce and recognize the team that I am so fortunate to have by my side. We have sort of a unique situation, one that, being the big sister that I am, am super proud of. When I go to work, I not only get to work with some of my most trusted colleagues, but I also get to have both my brother and sister by my side! My brother, Rob has been photographing weddings with me for almost a decade, and my baby sis Lindsay, is here to style hair & makeup! Additionally, I have two other 'sisters' that I couldn't imagine being without - Hair & Makeup Artist, Maria Chang of PMA and my Studio Manager & Fine Art Photographer, Shannon Paras. You can read more about us in our new 'About' section on our site.

While I have you here, I'd love to share one last exciting bit of news with you! Late last year, my husband received a job promotion in Kansas City. Many tears and several months later, we packed up our house, our two little angels and one devilish kitty and embarked on our own little adventure together. Growing up in the SF Bay Area my whole life, left me terrified of leaving my family, friends & colleagues for the unknown. While I'm still striving to find my balance with being a mother, wife and business owner, I really wish I would have known then what I know now. It might have saved me some sleepless nights and tearful moments. Kansas City is an incredible place, with beautifully friendly people and some sort of calm that I can't quite explain.

I have dedicated every spare minute I have to my business since I was in college. While the move may force me to take on fewer projects, I'm finally challenging myself to be selective!! My hope is to only produce work I can stand behind, to dedicate more personal focus and give my clients something nobody else can, my own creative voice :) I want to give more to my projects and discover real inspiration. My subjects often become my muse while shooting, and I want more of that, I crave more.

One of the things I love most about my husband is his drive and loyalty. Like myself, he will never be content standing still and I embrace that. I'm so proud of the man he is and I'm so grateful to be his wife and mother of his children. This will be a little adventure for us and we will be back often. I will be maintaining my business out here in CA (and everywhere else - halfway closer to New York! Woot Woot!). We will be seasonally living in the Bay Area for weddings and fashion projects. Designers / Florists / Stylists please, please, please do not hesitate to contact us with fashion projects or weddings you are excited about! I want to work with you!! There will be NO travel fees to N. California and we will be back home full time before we know it! Thank you so much for following us, we hope our work inspires you to do whatever it is that gets your heart pounding. In addition to our new site, you can also find us daily on Instagram!


Oh and.. Woo-Hoo!

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Beach Maternity // Inspired By This

Ever since she was about 3 years old, I've been photographing my sister. She has always been my muse, which is why any chance I get to photograph her, I get really excited! When styling this shoot, I wanted something extraordinary for my baby sister, but also something that embraced our winter season and the natural beauty the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer all year round. I also took inspiration from the Game of Thrones Baby Shower COMING SOON! that I threw her a week earlier.

I chose two different looks, the first was set in the woods with a lush floral wrap, stay tuned as I will be publishing it real soon! Our second look was inspired by this beautiful black gown she had worn to her shower. We paired it with gold toned accessories, bit's of leather, and faux fur. I wanted a simple, dreamy backdrop and this foggy beach was soooooo amazing! Together, with my brother Rob, sister Linz, and Brother-in-law Drew, we had quite the adventurous day scouting the most perfect spots and chasing the light ♥


See the feature on INSPIRED BY THIS!

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