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miss me?

I know I know, I have been neglecting my blog :( Well, it's not because I've been lazy I can tell you that! Things have been so crazy busy lately and my wedding season hasn't even begun yet! It will start next week, so there has been quite a bit of stuff gearing up for it!

In the next several weeks I will be updating you on TONS of stuff - recent engagement shoots, lifestyle shoots, personal stuff and workshop news! So stay tuned.... I promise, I will be back :)
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I'm home

It was a wild couple of days in Vegas and I had a blast seeing friends and meeting new ones! I'll be playing catch up for the next several days but just wanted to share a quick something. I was going through old files for an upcoming project and something caught me eye, so I thought I'd share :)

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My Bridal Shower Featured on the Party Spot!

My incredible Bridal Shower over a year ago has been a huge hit - I still get emails about it! Since my wedding colors were black and white and my favorite color was green - My BFF, Jennifer Bishop put together the most amazing shower. It literally brought me to tears when I saw it - I was completely taken off guard. I'm so excited to see it featured on - a sister company of and a fabulous resource site for planning the perfect party!

Go check it out! Real Party: Green Bridal Shower

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Meet Paris

WIth our recent home purchase, Scott and I decided that it wasn't necessary to purchase Christmas gifts for one another. At the same time we were making that decision, I thought that I would really like a kitty. My parents had to put my last cat, Zuko down earlier last year. I had him since he was really little in my apartment when I was 19, but when I had moved back home we let him be a free cat and explore the great outdoors. When I moved back out of my parent's home, I didn't take him with me because I didn't want to confine him to a small apartment again. So, I've been catless for quite a while now and really never knew how badly I have missed it until I had our new little animal running around.

Scott has always loved cats too, so he was ok with the idea that I wanted a kitty. Our only difference of opinion was what color and where we would get one. I have had 3 of my own cats in my lifetime (well the first was already here when I was born) they have all been black and white. I just have always loved black and white cats! Scott on the other hand, likes the orange tabby-like kitties - which are cute too. He said that if we get a B&W - then it will be my cat - which I, naturally, was ok with! Our next decision was where to get one - he wanted to go to the pound and save one and I cringed at the idea. I've never been to the pound, I have always just had this image in my head where all the animals are caged looking at me sad hoping I pick them so they don't get euthanized. So what does my wonderful husband do? He does a little research and calls me the next day to go pick out a kitty at the Humane Society in Pleasanton - the only one around that has a no kill policy.

I went there looking for one thing - a black and white kitty. It was nothing like I had imagined, there were several volunteers there giving the cats lots of love and attention and they all looked like they were having such a good time! I actually was feeling bad taking one away from all the fun! The one B&W kitty was named Paris and she wanted nothing to do with us. She actually had a little attitude which I thought was the cutest thing ever! She had this sock ball that she would walk around with and growl warning everyone not to even think about taking it! Since there were no orange tabby cats, our decision was easy - it was fate - Paris is ours! (we brought the sock ball with us)

When we told the staff we wanted to take home Paris they looked at us like "Are you sure? Why would you want Paris?" Little did they know that Zuko had about 10 times more attitude that this little peanut! So here she is, and actually once we got her home she was like a different cat! She is still very much a spit fire, but also loves to be around us. She is literally my little shadow and while I'm on the computer, she is either chasing after my cursor on my screen or laying in her little bed beside me. I can't even begin to tell you how much joy she has already brought to my life, she's my little buddy and brings a big smile to my face even when she's being bad :)

Oh and about the name... We originally wanted to name her Betty Page (Scott's idea actually), but once we met her and saw her little attitude we decided to stick with Paris. Plus, whenever I'm shooting I end up saying "That's Hot" a gazillion times, so I guess it's fitting in more ways then one! When she gets a little bigger, I'm going to get her her own special leopard print collar with P-A-R-I-S in crystal letters. hehe... Here are a few shots from her first boudoir session:

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