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clipping path Wow ! Beautiful shots. 11.18.15, 2:17pm
Remove White Background from Image These image are very nice and interested. 11.17.15, 2:44pm
augie Wow Jen, you are so talented and gifted in this. Keep it up so I can learn from ya ;) 09.25.08, 7:28pm
Heidi @ Zenadia Beautiful shots. I love the ring shot with those amazing shoes! 09.24.08, 2:49pm
Lisa Lefkowitz Beautiful Jen. 09.18.08, 2:21pm
jessica johnston that image of them kissing at the ceremony is to DIE FOR!!!!!!! I LOOOVE IT. 09.17.08, 1:29pm
grace jen, once again great shots! kudos to maria and nicole, too! beautiful couple! the bride looked gorgeous. i loved the two different hairstyles. 09.14.08, 3:27am
Scott Jennifer, thank you for capturing our day so magically. Not only are the pictures terrific, but you were also so much fun to have around on our wedding day! 09.12.08, 8:35am
Cards de Luxe / Susanne Very classy and you captured it perfectly! 09.12.08, 1:28am
Terry Beautiful photographs of the gorgeous couple. I love the shot \where Scott seems to be seeing Paloma for the first time and is looking rather awe struck. 09.11.08, 10:30pm
Kate & Georgina Jennifer, Not only are the photographs GREAT, but the couple is amazing looking! 09.11.08, 7:09pm
Jessica Gorgeous shots. Your shoe shots are always so amazing and creative! 09.11.08, 5:16pm
Sally I love your work, it has such an amazing feel to it with so much energy and your post processing is the cherry on top! 09.11.08, 4:08pm
Whitney The wedding was fantastic and the beautiful photographs bring back all the wonderful memories of the day. I can't decide which shot is my favourite. I do love the single shot of Paloma....the make-up looks flawless....Maria. Love the couple shots too....very natural and intimate. 09.11.08, 2:18pm
Lisa These are the best wedding photos I've ever seen! 09.11.08, 1:53pm
serena these are so incredibly gorgeous! 09.11.08, 11:55am
Natasha Gorgeous pictures! Each and every one of them! I see you spend some major time photographing the shoes :) and I can see why! 09.11.08, 11:50am
maritess paloma looked gorgeous. i'm very envious of her hair. it looks beautiful! 09.11.08, 11:02am
Nicole Ha So BEAUTIFUL! Our Grace Kelly bride. (: And as always, thank you for for capturing all the details. LOVE ya! Congratulations again Poloma and Scott. Thank you for the opportunity to design your wedding flowers. I had a blast working with Jen and Maria. 09.11.08, 9:31am
North Coast Photography Love, love love the shoe shot. That one is certainly going to cause me to crack out the macro at one of this season's weddings! :o) Thanks Jennifer! Cheers, Antony, Australia 09.11.08, 8:47am
Brodie I want to say something though I'm not quite sure what...exquisite photography, you really captured the magic and emotion of the day. I'm feeling rather choked up after looking at these, beautiful beautiful job. 09.11.08, 8:16am
Brian Khang Great shots Jennifer! and such a beautiful wedding. 09.11.08, 3:47am
Julie Ann Gorgeous photos. They look so clean and classy....and love the shoe shots! 09.11.08, 1:38am
MARIA CHANG JEN these are AMAZING! It certainly brought back wonderful memories of such a perfect day! 09.11.08, 12:20am
Paloma Oh Jennifer, I really don't know where to begin.... I LOVE the photos so much! Thank you for being so amazing, I feel insanely fortunate to have had the most amazing photographer ever! Nicole & Maria were absolutely incredible as well (the three of you are a bride's dream team!). Thank you, thank you, thank you! 09.10.08, 10:21pm
Caroline Ghetes I love all of these! You did an amazing job! My favorite would have to be the shoe and ring shot! 09.10.08, 9:34pm
Kathleen Trenske WOW - I love them all! The shoes shots - the incredible bridal portraits, the gorgeous couple shots - just awesome! 09.10.08, 7:32pm