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Eveline I had tears in my eyes.......I'm also having a hard time changing my last name. Although I'm not thinking of changing it anytime soon so I don't think about it. But, when the time comes, I'll probably feel the way you did. Thanks for sharing this...... 06.09.09, 10:43am
diane hey jenn, does it mean you're going to change your business and branding to jennifer stewart photography? 09.29.08, 3:58pm
MB Hey Jen, I don't have much time these days to read blogs but when I do, yours is the first I check out. I read this post and it made me tear up and remind me of my same dilema....I wasn't always a Barrionuevo-Mazzini as it took me close to 2 years before I decided to hyphenate my name. While I never loved my last name growing up because it means new neighborhood in English and everyone always made fun of me or butchered it, it was hard to let it go once I got married. I felt like it was a huge part of my identity, not to mention the MB in my companies name stands for my first and last it just wasn't easy to let go. While Michelle Mazzini is much easier to pronounce that my hyphenated name, I decided to do it because I do love my hubby and a part of me wanted to be connected to him without losing my identity. While you are now a Stewart, you will always be a Skog in our eyes, just like I am still one ever calls me by my hyphenated name, but I have the comfort of knowing it's there! 09.20.08, 12:26am
grace thanks for sharing such a personal story. i still haven't legally changed my name either. i can't remember if i hyphenated my name on the marriage certificate with the intentions to change it on dl and ss card. i'm in denial still. :) we'll see when we celebrate our 1 yr church ceremony. maybe i'll surprise him then. :) what a great and meaningful 1 yr weding anniversary gift you gave scott. happy 1 yr! 09.14.08, 3:39am
Virginia Wow, you really did it, huh? I've still got my maiden name and right now can't see myself changing it. 10 years of hell in grad school to make my name and I'm not quite sure I'm ready to give it up just yet. Maybe I'll get around to it? But in all honesty I just can't see it. But I agree, I think that's the best 1 year anniversary gift ever! Congrats Mrs Stewart! So the big question now....are you going to become Jennifer Stewart Photogaphy now???! 09.13.08, 2:59pm
Kelly OBrien "A rose is still a rose" by any name! Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! 09.12.08, 11:43am
Amy Martin Aw, this is so sweet! I had a mispronounced last name too and couldn't wait to give it up. I was happy when that day came, but bummed that my new name is so plain. :) Can't win 'em all! 09.11.08, 10:52pm
CBH I just had to comment and say thank you for your post. Like you my maiden name was hard to pronounce and I got tired of correcting people. Some close friends had even taking to calling me by my last name like you. I have always been excited to give up my last name, because anything would be easier, until the last few years. I went through a very similar experience not wanting to give up my name, but I did not want to hyphenate. In the end, I ended up making my maiden name one of my middle names and taking his last name solely. It is great because I don't need to use it ever, but it makes me happy to know it is still there. 09.11.08, 4:37am
Nicole Ha I'm feeling guilty reading your blog. I need to change my last name too but it's so hard to give up a "HAPPY' last name. (: Congratulations! I'm looking foward to reading your post on your 2nd anniversary. lol 09.09.08, 11:44pm
Dustin Hatcher Wow really awesome work! I love the colors in these photos. The jumping picture really amazes me... not because they're jumping, but all those women did the jump in high heels! 09.09.08, 11:54am
Brittny Jenn you're sooo funny!! they're both fabulous names.. but I understand! it's hard : ) 09.09.08, 11:15am
Lauren Im coming up 5 years next month as a 'Walker', but my parents, and school friends parents, still call me my maiden name 'Hawkins'. And my old friends done know who I am on Facebook!! 09.08.08, 11:39pm
jenKH Awww...what a GREAT anniversary surprise! He'll love it! So sweet! My new name felt totally odd at first but now I wouldn't have it any other way! 09.08.08, 10:15pm
Jennifer Skog Wow! I can't believe how many people left comments to my little sob story! Thank you everyone for being my little support group! lol. Benny - Almost! My family name is Norwegian. Miss X - My sister-in-law's name is Jennifer Stewart too! Thanks again everyone, I'm anxious to tell Scott about it when we celebrate on Saturday! 09.08.08, 7:35pm
Lisa I like your old name and your new name :) But all in all you are still Jen S. 09.08.08, 5:08pm
Sandra Reid Photography Hi Jen, Whats an emotional experience and right in the middle of wedding season. My heart goes out to you. I know what you mean. Your name is not just your identity but also your extremely successful business. Scott will love you no matter what you do. I always thought it would be too difficult for children to have parents with different names but then I met my partner and his parents have different last names and he turned out just perfect. Good luck with it all. Let us know how it goes. 09.08.08, 11:57am
Miss X I'm getting married in less than three weeks, and this post totally made me well up inside! I always knew that when I got married I would take my husbands last name, but what I didn't know was how hard it would be for me to give up the name I grew up with. (It doesn't help that my future sis-in-law already has the same name that I will have, once married.) I had to commit to what name I would use post-wedding on our marriage license application. I bet I starred at the form for 10 minutes...doodling name options on a post it (which I took pictures of!)...before I could write the new name down. In the end, I kept my maiden name as a second middle name. It makes my full name pretty long, but I couldn't drop it altogether. I just couldn't. Thank you so much for this post!! 09.08.08, 10:51am
MARIA CHANG You might be Stewart on paper, but in our hearts and minds you will always be SKOG AS IN VOGUE. Love ya! 09.08.08, 1:22am
maritess (balmonte) madrinan wow! i thought i was the only one who felt like this. it was really hard for me to give up my last name. my sisters and i developed quite an identity with our last names because we are 4 girls w/o any brothers. my grandfather alone had only 3 boys out of 8 kids. so i felt like the more we give up our last name the more less of us are out there. anyways... my point you're not alone. and you can consider making your madien your midlle like i did. this way i will pass it on to my children one day. at least it'll be carried on one more generation. =) 09.08.08, 12:19am
Annie I had a hard time changing my time too and at first Andrew didn't care. I did end up changing it but kept my maiden name professionally. Congrats on the anniversary! 09.07.08, 10:16pm
C.J. Scott Congrats on your first year anniversary!! How about making Skog as your second middle name? Regardless of whatever your last name is, you're still fabulous and I'm sure Scott will be happy with the surprise :) Hugs, cj 09.07.08, 12:45pm Aww, congratulations, Mrs. Stewart! If it's any consolation, my maiden name is LONG and every teacher would butcher it no matter what. But, I still kept it and hyphenated it with my married name (for legal purpose). You shouldn't worry, your name may have changed, but your work will always be "Skog as in Vogue." :) 09.07.08, 2:32am
gwyn ... this was so beautiful... thank you for sharing this story!!! i think a lot of women go through this struggle because we identify with our names as who we are - our *brand*. i waited 4 years before i changed my name and i still find myself introducing myself as *smith* not *schneider* every once in a while (and our 11th anniversary is next weekend!)... i think sharing a name does, however, bond you together. just note, however, i will continue to refer to you as skogalicous... even with the change ;-) 09.06.08, 10:17pm
Sorky-Bishy Poor Jennay-I'm sorry you had such a hard time and that I laughed when you told me the story...but it was really cute! I am excited for Scotty though and wish I could see his little face when you tell him. Can I loan you my video camera? 09.06.08, 9:24pm
Sarah Shalley I totally and completely know how you feel. I changed my name 3 weeks after marriage and I too left the SS office BAWLING! It's a strange, unexplainable feeling. You'll feel at peace about it soon. It's the best. I love being a Mrs. 09.06.08, 9:10pm
The Flirty Girl Well my hubby would say you are a better wife then I am. And that you must love your husband more then I love him because as much as he wants, begs and attempts to guilt me into it I won't take his name. But I have my reasons. I'll share them with you the next time I see you if you're curious :D Happy Anniversary to you! One year YAY! That's so exciting. 09.06.08, 6:26pm
Natalie Jen, this is so touching & relatable. Scott will be so honored to have you take his name. As you know, I was just at the SS Office yesterday and I kept my maiden name as my middle name b/c I also wanted to hold onto it. Most people dont talk much about it, but it's really a sentimental aspect of marriage. As I told myself, deep down, you will always be the name that you were born into. :) 09.06.08, 2:53pm
jenniferL i debated over it too and finally did it almost a year after getting married. i figured we'd need the same "team" name! awesome anniversary gift! 09.06.08, 1:59pm
Brooke Litke Jen, Love it. You can still keep your "stage name" for work, but legally be Mrs. Stewart! What a great present!! Now when I see my old name, it looks weird. Funny how that is.. 09.06.08, 12:53pm
andrew hsu Best. Post. Ever. :-) You're a champ. 09.06.08, 12:36pm
Carrie Tullis You are so damn cute, I love that story and I almost think you should give it to him when you tell him you have changed it! I too am going next week to SS and it really is weird. It's something you've always dreamed about doing but then it actually comes down to it and it's just, harder than you though it would be. Well he will absolutely love that you did it and I am so excited for you both! 09.06.08, 12:19pm
Lilia Ahner Your name is such a big part of your identity, I totally relate to the way you felt. I had a pretty great last name (Chambers) before I was married, and traded it for a last name that lots of people have difficulty pronouncing correctly. At least no one will mess up Stewart! Your husband will really appreciate the gesture. 09.06.08, 11:23am
Benny Ottosson Your name sounds very swedish. Is it? Greetings from a rainy Sweden! /Benny 09.06.08, 8:34am
Tessa (Newbill) Menotte I completely understand! It took me 2 1/2 years to finally change mine. I was so torn because my name meant a lot to me. Finally when I got to the office I decided to make my maiden name my middle name so I could hang on to it. So now my initials just flip flopped. Congratulations on your one year! I adore checking your blog. 09.06.08, 8:20am
Jen Marriner Despite your reservations about giving up your name, I have to say that this is hands down the best "paper" anniversary gift I have eve heard of anyone giving. Congratulations, Mrs. Stewart. 09.06.08, 6:27am