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Gro Skog That was such a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing - I cried through it actually :) Just became a mom 4 months ago to a little girl with similar circumstances. I am definately going to make a similar video! 02.03.12, 9:15am
KT Merry Love the song, do you know who sings it? 12.05.11, 1:19pm
Josh Gruetzmacher Congratulations! After reading the story on your maternity photos post, it reminds me of how precious life is, and how it is a blessing that should never be taken for granted. Seeing these photos and your beautiful baby makes me really happy for you guys :) 09.08.11, 4:29pm
Rosaura Wow! This just totally made me all teary-eyed and warmed my heart. Your sweet baby Jane is adorable. I'm so happy for you and your whole family. :) 08.27.11, 12:58am
Grace Anongchanya-Calima Truly precious; it brought joyful tears to my eyes. Congratulations to both you and Scott! She is beautiful! Welcome to parenthood. :) 07.14.11, 2:12am
party rentals Congratulations!!! Children are such a joy. 07.08.11, 5:31pm
Bonnie OMG- what a beautiful little girl! I am crying just watching all the love surrounding her...and you! Congrats! 06.22.11, 1:21am
PJ Rude Damn you Jen!!! You made me cry! That was the cutest thing ever. Congrats to you and your loving family. Not only do you have the perfect little girl, you have so much love in your family. 06.06.11, 4:14pm
karin yeah!!!! 05.26.11, 12:26pm
JENNIFER SKOG Thank you everyone for the kind words. We are so in love! 05.24.11, 2:57pm
Karen Ziemkowski congrats to you and your family Jen! you looked gorgeous and your baby is absolutely beautiful! enjoy every second! :) 05.24.11, 12:05pm
imthiaz houseman your heart with melt away every single day. enjoy every part of it because it goes by so quickly. many blessings to your beautiful family. congratulations! 05.23.11, 12:14pm
amanda What a wonderful, wonderful slideshow to document her arrival. And you, by the way, looked insanely gorgeous for just having been through a c/section! Having had two, I always look like something a cat threw up afterwards. LOL. :-) Congrats again- she is SO beautiful! 05.22.11, 3:41pm
Stephanie Congratulations! Having a child is such a beautiful experience and you were able to record it in the most incredible way. Prepare to have your heart melt every single day! 05.21.11, 9:02am
Jen Bishop UGH...I just love her!!! I miss her everyday. Can we just move in with you? It was such an amazing day and I'm so happy I was able to be a part of it. Beany was a little pissed she couldn't be there but toddler slobber on a newborn...not so good. Congrats my love...being a Mom is a bumpy ride but now we both have eachother to get through it :) 05.21.11, 2:40am
Augie Chang Congrats! wonderful slideshow, very touching. Enjoy motherhood. Congrats to you too Scott! (never forget the daddy!) 05.20.11, 6:44pm
Crystal Thank you for sharing one of your most precious moments with us. Breathtaking. It took me back to our magical moment not too long ago twice. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty. Love ya. Welcome Janie!!! 05.20.11, 6:43pm
Kerri Yoshiyama Jen, she's beautiful and I'm so happy for you! Time goes by so fast, savor each moment, though it only gets better with time. I feel as though I've shared this with you from afar since you shot my maternity photos last July. Much love to you and your family. Thanks for sharing. 05.20.11, 5:39pm
DASHY A big CONGRATULATIONS to you, Jen and to Scott! Baby Jane is soooo precious! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely video...brought happy tears to my eyes. Oh the precious moments! Parenthood is such a special gift. I am truly happy that you are finally a Mom --- it's the best thing to be in the world! =) You have been wanting this for so long and and I really so glad that you finally received your miracle. Enjoy every moment because it is so true what everyone says "kids grow up too fast!" I still can't believe that my first born just recently turned 10 years old. Everything just seemed like a blink of an eye! At 10, I still will always consider her my baby girl. And you too will soon find out. Cherish every single moment, they're really exciting times. Whatever hardships any parent goes through in raising a child, I say it is worth every single moment. Love her up and have fun with your new little bundle of joy! Can't wait to see more photos of her here on your blog. Congrats again! =) 05.20.11, 12:59pm
Traci Biasotti Wow that is the coolest slide show I have ever seen! I think I need to have another baby now. Jennifer you are so inspirational....congratulations! 05.20.11, 12:06pm
MB - Michelle Thank you for sharing such an endearing and special moment in your life. Welcome to motherhood! I'd like to say that it's going to be easy, but in reality it's not...especially with a girl and when they become teenagers, oh hell it's over, hahaha, but on a serious note, it's amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world. While I know kids are not for everyone, I personally cannot imagine my life without my Lia, even at 14 she's still my baby. Watching you hold your baby brought tears to my eyes, as I know you've wanted this for so long and you deserve to be a mother more than anything. I wish you and Scott all the best with your new baby Jane and when our little boy Julian is a born we need to connect for a play date. xoxo MB 05.20.11, 5:33am
Bev Love it!!! watched the entire slideshow!! Welcome Baby girl JANE! 05.20.11, 5:13am
angela hubbard thanks for sharing this gorgeous slideshow. best to you and your family. she's lovely! x 05.20.11, 2:09am
Brittny Debonis Jenn, Jane Ryan is an Angel! : ) this makes me want another one! <3<3 Wow.. : ) 05.20.11, 2:00am
susanne w. She is the perfect blend of the both of you. The photos are so touching and filled with emotions. And you look great just after giving birth. 05.20.11, 12:58am
Anne I can't tell you how happy I am for you. I know this has been a journey for you, and I too remember when we held our Isabella Hope after the loss of our twin boys and that journey. It was the sweetest moment. I am so happy for you two. She is beautiful and her little chubby face is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Isabella was the exact weight herself. :) Congratulations 05.20.11, 12:44am
andi hatch she's beautiful. congratulations to you and the whole family!!! 05.20.11, 12:01am
kelly o'brien so perfect... so happy for you that your dream is a reality now! the first picture of you with Jane is my favorite.. your expression is priceless ~ It captures the magic and miracle of your experience. congratulations to you all! xox 05.19.11, 11:26pm
Steph Levin so that just made me cry. I mean, what a beautiful slideshow Jenn!! Jed and I are so happy for you, and baby Jane is adorable. Our baby is due next week and I can't wait to meet him. :) Love you lots xoxo 05.19.11, 11:22pm
Maria Mrasek i love you. i love her. and i am so, so happy for you. soak up every breath friend, you have earned them. xoxo 05.19.11, 11:18pm
Cory Ann Ellis Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. She is perfect! 05.19.11, 10:54pm
Jen Johnson CONGRATULATIONS!!! She's absolutely beautiful and these images are so special. : ) 05.19.11, 10:54pm
joy marie beautiful. congratulations!! 05.19.11, 10:39pm
kelly m Ok, I managed to not get choked up until I saw you getting your hair brushed. Lovely J! 05.19.11, 10:33pm
Elizabeth She is soooo beautiful!!! Congrats again to you and Scott! Our family is so very happy for you guys =) 05.19.11, 10:30pm