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Claire Jen, I think that your story is amazing and sweet. I can imagine how bright your world must sparkle.I must say that it is cool to read in your words how it's illumination convoys you and your family. How grand. I am super happy for you!!! And I, just like all others who have seen your work, think that it is exquisite. I am hoping that we can do business later on in the year. I will definitely keep in touch. Best wishes. 05.15.11, 1:46pm
karin So happy for you Jen! Mommyhood is an adventure! Wishyou and Scott the best. 04.25.11, 6:50pm
Laura Koellsted You are THE hottest mom-to-be I will ever have the good fortune to know! It's good to hear you are treasuring this awesome time before your muffin arrives. There is nothing else like it, and nothing quite as special as being a mom to a beautiful baby girl--Good luck, and best wishes 04.23.11, 1:37pm
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imthiaz houseman you look amazing! you are so blessed and congratulations on your growing family. 04.20.11, 12:03pm
ali these are truly amazing photos - and it is so true that our little ones are such miracles. so happy for you and glad you got to cherish this moment to the full. motherhood will be such a blessing! 04.20.11, 4:16am
Kim Sayre Thanks for sharing such poignant memories. You are already a wonderful mother and I can't wait for you to hold this one in your arms while you will always hold the others in your heart. From a fellow angel momma... 04.19.11, 1:01am
kelly o'brien so very, very happy for you jen! you are radiant with joy and excitement! good luck on her birth-day! :) 04.18.11, 4:33pm
joy marie absolutely gorgeous Jennifer! what a beautiful mommy you are:) xo 04.18.11, 11:17am
Eva You are BEAUTIFUL! These are beautiful pictures. It's almost "show time" and your little Star will soon make her debut. 04.17.11, 11:31pm
marta I have been a huge fan of yours for some time...I guess a silent stalker. And I just have to say something about these. I adore maternity images, but it takes a lot for me to be impressed by them. You, Tanja and Tia blew these out of the water. I know Tanja and Tia are brilliant in their work, but your freedom and amazing beauty in these, honestly makes them amazing. Brilliant...all 3 of you! 04.17.11, 9:21pm
Chris Scott You make pregnancy hot! Demi Moore is jealous. 04.16.11, 8:01pm
JENNIFER SKOG Thank you for the kind words everyone! 04.16.11, 4:08pm
Janet Falkner You are stunning! your story is such a testimony and inspiration to other women 04.16.11, 2:25am
Brandi You look stunning! 04.15.11, 5:03pm
Carlie Statsky Your words and these amazing images remind me to celebrate motherhood in all of its stages. You look simply happy for you and your family! 04.15.11, 3:01pm
Gina Meola BEAUTIFUL, Jennifer!!! 04.15.11, 2:36pm
Jen Johnson I got the chills! What a wonderful set of images and beautiful words. : ) 04.15.11, 2:23pm
Samantha Vanderlist only 1 word is needed.... GORGEOUS! 04.15.11, 2:21pm
flaii Jen, you look amazing! :D I'm a big fan of your work and being able to read more about your personal life and personal struggles makes you admire even more. Congratulations to you and your husband on this new journey :) 04.15.11, 2:21pm
Lisa Lefkowitz You look stunning, Jen! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see photos of your little one. And beautiful work, Tanja - as always!! xo Lisa 04.15.11, 2:19pm