Clipping Path Photojournalism is really a serious occupation. Without proper effort it's not easy to obtain your main goal in this field. It is directly connected with third eye, that's the reason it is simply not an simple job. 04.24.16, 2:06am
clipping Path Very nice and professional photography 11.22.15, 3:17am
Leslie beautiful wedding photos -- and i want those shoes! 12.22.09, 11:11pm
Olivia Aw- these photos are gorgeous! What a happy, vibrant looking couple! 12.15.09, 8:09pm
Jenny The shots of the bride and her father are out of this world. Wonderful reportage. 12.15.09, 2:38pm
Kim and Connie Pennington Absolutely beautiful, cute, adorable, handsome, elegant, sweet, and loving. You two are perfect together. Congrats and enjoy your new life together. Stop by someday. 12.07.09, 12:57am
John Lyons Love the shoes! Great work as usual Jennifer, j 12.06.09, 10:39pm
Miss Rose Sam & Gabriella, your pictures look wonderful, you two make a beautiful couple. 12.06.09, 10:29am
Tara Just recently came across your blog and you are now officially my new photographer crush!!! Superb. 12.06.09, 9:44am
Erica Velasco Awesome! Love her shoes, the details...great capture! 12.05.09, 12:02pm
Stacey Absolutely stunning, vibrant and full of love! 12.02.09, 5:23pm
Natalie Spencer You're photography is stunning. I love how you captured everything! AMAZING :) 12.01.09, 8:44pm
Natalie Fantastic work from the Skog family, as always. You truly captured the joy and beauty of Sam and Gabby's amazing day. Awesome job, Jen. :) 12.01.09, 5:23pm
Gabriella You captured every moment perfectly! I can't believe there's more to come! Thanks for doing your magic! 12.01.09, 1:40pm
Rose Wonderful photos!!! 12.01.09, 6:07am
Sam Slaughter The emotions and real feelings captured in each shot is spectacular. Ordinary pictures to me capture no more than how we look at a moment or event. These pictures, more than anything else, help me remember exactly what I was feeling at the moment. What a gift you have. Thank you for sharing it with us. 11.30.09, 10:39pm
Eseta Sakkal Beautiful pictures Jen! Love them! 11.30.09, 8:31pm
imthiaz houseman the shot of the bride in the car is killer...stunning set! 11.30.09, 4:02pm
Bianca Makes me want to cry all over again!! I love them!! Completely captured the whole thing!! I love it!! 11.30.09, 3:52pm
Anne Nunn Photographers love the shot with the bride in the car smiling. PERFECT! 11.30.09, 3:51pm
Elizabeth LOVE all the photos! The colors are so beautiful :) 11.30.09, 3:12pm