clipping path Yes she is outstanding sexy and looking hot 11.13.15, 2:35pm
Elena Hernandez You clearly have a Lovely natural way about you that make your couple fee at ease and are up to any fun poses you come up with!. It is fun to watch your fun personality shine. 05.01.10, 4:10am
Quentin Bacon Every time I see my wife in this video and our wedding photographs, I fall in love with her all over again. Thank You Jennifer. 07.16.08, 3:54pm
Lynn Montoya Jennifer, you truly are a gorgeous lady. And it was a wonderful video. I really enjoyed seeing you in action. Brides are lucky to have you for their photographer!!! You are GREAT!!!! Love ya..... 06.27.08, 12:29am
Annie Too bad I'm already married because I would hire you as the photographer and Andrew as the videographer. 05.08.08, 7:31pm
Bella Notte Events You're so glamorous darling! This really is a fab video too! Anyone is lucky to book with you, damn lucky I speak from experience! xo C 04.26.08, 9:05pm
anonymous hi. this video is the best promo video Ive ever Ive ever seen watched!!!!!!! please tell me who is the best filmmaker that made it!!!!! 04.17.08, 1:53pm