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Declan Well Jennifer, you really brought maria to life. Maria you look stunning,congratulations to both of you. 01.17.12, 12:13am
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April Gorgeous!!! The shower sequence was great, but all of it was really well done. I bet her husband is one happy guy! 04.17.11, 2:23pm
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christine WOW!! I just came across your site and I am already a huge fan. These are phenominal! I would love to know your set up here. OCF? Lenses?? I mean these are HOT!!! Maria, you are a stunning lady and you worked it out! 01.10.10, 1:22pm
Ati of Gekd Boutique Wonderful job, Jennifer. I am DYING to do one myself, now. Fantastic shoot for you, Maria. 01.07.10, 10:31pm
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Heather Whiting Jenn and Maria...amazing..and Maria, thank you for writing that. Wow. 10.22.09, 1:46am
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Bree WOW! Those are some of the best boudior photos EVER! GORGEOUS! Looks lik Maria had a blast and felt just beautiful (she sure looked it). 08.20.09, 11:31am
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Catie Ronquillo HAWT. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Happy Anniversary Maria & Roger! :) 08.12.09, 9:48am
Jenny Just awesome. Maria is a gorgeous woman and these photos prove it. 08.12.09, 9:32am
imthiaz houseman wow, beautiful...i love how you are pushing yourself to new heights...well done and Maria totally rocked it!! 08.11.09, 7:56pm
Sasha Prince Hot momma! Beautiful images, very mysterious and sexy. I especially love the images through the shower glass. I hope, one day soon, I am as confident as Maria, to show off my mommy body. Mahalos! 08.10.09, 7:07pm
Natalie Maria!!! This is absolutely amazing! You and Jen totally ROCKED this shoot! Super sexy and great moves! Pure fabulousness. Kudos to you both and Happy 20th Anniversary! 08.08.09, 9:00pm
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Crystal I am speachless. I went through so many emotions watching this. Jennifer your photography and talent is ridiculous. Maria, you are my hero. You are who I want to be. I cried reading your message. Absolutely beautiful, hot, stunning and and out. Aloha, 08.06.09, 7:50pm
Ex-Husband of MB .........I wrote Ex-Husband of MB cause I want to Marry Maria!!!! Sorry MB hehe 08.06.09, 4:20pm
MB OMG....I am sort of speechless....seriously....WOW Maria, que bella eres....simplemente bella....for those that don't speak Spanish, I said BEAUTIFUL, simply BEAUTIFUL...and SEXY as hell...I knew you had goods under there Maria, I just did not know they were like BOOM BOOM POW!!! AWESOME JOB JEN, you never cease to amaze me ~ MB 08.06.09, 2:48pm
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JenKH Ohhh--You two are fabulous!!!! Maria looks so sexy and beautiful--so like herself!! And the photos are amazing! It was the perfect collaboration! 08.06.09, 11:10am
Kate This shoot is beautiful! It really hits the "Noir" theme perfectly (think German film "M" from 1930s--not sexy, but same film quality). It really is inspiring to see a woman do something like this and embrace her femininity in a different way. kudos. 08.06.09, 8:47am
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Kelly O'Brien SUPER-UBER smokin' hot!! Maria, you scream "WOMAN"... sexy, strong, soft and sure of yourself ~ all at once! Jen, your shots are amazing as always, but these have a new 'edge'... great job on the images, the video, the music...everything, perfect! 08.06.09, 12:49am
Veronica jen and maria - you two ROCKED this session. i'm actually speechless. 08.06.09, 12:33am
Donna AMAZING! Absolutely LOVE the entire shoot! I wish I were brave enough or skinny enough to even try it! Awesome as always! 08.05.09, 11:37pm
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Deanna Holy Cow! THIS is what I want to be when I grow up-never mind that I am older than both of you-lol. You two are an amazing team! When's your next class again?? 08.05.09, 9:40pm
Brenda Wow! This is the most amazing boudoir session I have ever seen, I had second thoughts about doing one but I realize that confidence is much sexier than a perfect body (mine). The scenes in the shower are SUPER, so much talent! Thanks for sharing! 08.05.09, 9:05pm
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andrewmsv c r a z y! ! 8^O 08.05.09, 5:38pm
Dana MAN. OH. MAN. Maria...MARIA!!! Jen...JEN!!! SHUT THE FRICK UP!!! That was so cool! Best boudoir I have ever seen. This is what comes from utter trust between artist and subject. Excellent work. And, what you said, Maria...moved me to tears. Wow. Picking my jaw up off the floor now... 08.05.09, 5:36pm