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REMOVE WHITE BACKGROUND FROM IMAGE Wow ! very cute baby.Looking very beautiful. 11.20.15, 11:41am
Tent Rentals You have an eye like no other. Great image! 06.20.11, 5:13pm
SLR Lounge Photography Wow, so much emotion in your shots. Absolutely amazing in capturing precious moments! 09.27.10, 7:58pm
Linds absolutely precious! what a lucky little sydney to have such a special auntie jen! ;) 09.25.09, 11:59pm
Jennifer Skog Thanks everyone! This is one of the greatest days of my life and I will forever remember it! 09.10.09, 4:06am
cindy danbom this made me cry. how beautiful. 08.11.09, 2:55pm
shannon breathtaking... amazing... most touching birth photos I've ever seen. Just magical! 08.03.09, 6:59pm
Tara Jennifer, this is my first time here and I am just in awe over these photos. Every single one had me right there in the moment. Amazing, impressive, moving. Lucky you! 07.31.09, 6:35pm
Rachel that shot of the dad holding the baby? STUNNING. seriously tears my heart out and makes me want more babies. Capturing a moment like this is what photography is all about, and you did it flawlessly. 07.31.09, 6:26pm
Traci These are INCREDIBLE! The shot of dad snuggling the baby with mom looking on in the background....PRICELESS. What an incredible capture! So inspiring and touching! 07.31.09, 6:18pm
Anne Nunn Photographers those are beautiful pictures Jennifer! Makes me cry, but that is because our little guy is 10 days old and I am still in post-emotionalness. :) 07.30.09, 12:44pm
Events by Evonne All the emotions and joy of the brand new parents were beautifully captured. Great job, Jenn! 07.30.09, 3:51am
grace AMAZING and so beautifully captured 07.30.09, 12:33am
Lana oh my gosh! That shot of Dad hugging his little girl - what an amazing moment you've captured! 07.28.09, 2:25am
Cami These photos are absolutely breathtaking. I was in tears at the end. Outstanding job, Jennifer! 07.27.09, 6:13pm
imthiaz houseman wow, jennifer....these are beautiful 07.27.09, 3:16pm
Christine Oh my - these are wonderfully touching! Congrats to all! 07.27.09, 10:35am
dave brattmiller There is nothing more beautiful than a new mother and her baby. Way to go guys! 07.25.09, 11:40pm
Kaori This shoot has overwhelmed me to tears & I thank u from the bottom of my heart- for sharing this moment with us. Best of luck & congratulations to your BFF! 07.25.09, 6:44pm
Annie Congratulations! Beautiful capturing of the process. 07.25.09, 1:22pm
Marianne Stop it, you're making my uterus hurt. That is one adorable newborn. Your bestie is lucky to have you! 07.24.09, 10:02pm
jennifer lovely!!!!! 07.24.09, 7:32pm
Lisa Lefkowitz Beautiful, Jen!!! 07.24.09, 6:39pm
Megan Elle Photography These are compelling, I am holding back tears! 07.24.09, 5:21pm
wrecklessgirl i'm so glad you posted these, there is something about birth story imagery that gets to me. i just love every's more filled with anticipation than a WEDDING! incredible...and beautiful. 07.24.09, 1:53am
Cee Aw, how adorable! I love the shot of her hanging onto daddy's finger wither her whole hand. I love all of these photos. Great job, Jen. Can't wait to see the rest. And congrats to the new momma and poppa. :) 07.23.09, 11:49pm