Clipping Path Service Photojournalism is usually a serious career. Without the proper effort it's not possible to achieve your goal in this field. It is directly associated with third eye, this is why it's just not an very easy task. 06.08.16, 3:39am
Brittny AHH I just saw this! .. I love that transformation!! and that hex tile !! LOVE 01.27.16, 5:57pm
clipping path Wow ! wonderful photo shoot very fantastic. 11.20.15, 8:40am
zat pretty cool transformation. The new look is more bolder, and strong. While the previous look has some classic charm and vintage feeling. The cat adds up the colour. 11.13.09, 6:52am
Linda So cute and inspirational, especially since we just bought our first house and I'm trying to figure out how to decorate, as well. 05.23.09, 1:37am
Brenda's Wedding Blog Love the makeover - the bathroom looks great, you have amazing style. PS: I have the same sink :) we just updated our bathroom with new fixtures too. Now, the rest of the room needs some updating though. 05.21.09, 9:24pm
Kim Percival nice work jen! looks awesome! i love remodeling, as time consuming as it can be. 05.19.09, 2:08pm
imthiaz houseman oh wow, you did a fabulous job! can't wait to see what to see what the meeting space will look like. 05.19.09, 1:19pm
Events by Evonne Wow, you guys did a great job! Your remodel should be on HGTV! :) 05.18.09, 4:51am
Christine (Artemis Clover Photo) my favorite part is the matching black and white cat in the end--nice touch! 05.15.09, 4:26pm
Francisco MBWeddingDesigns Let me guess.....your Cat was your inspiration for your colors. =) 05.15.09, 2:33pm
Natalie Gorgeous Jen!! You have awesome taste. Can't wait to see more future house projects... 05.14.09, 2:30pm
Anne Nunn Photography it looks awesome! I've always loved the B&W tile! My husband is a tile setter, but I refuse to let him tile anything because I drop everything It touch! :O 05.14.09, 2:28pm
Jen Dang we did good! Now we just need to get our act together with your meeting area. 05.14.09, 12:13pm
Heidi @ Zenadia Great bathroom!! I love that mirror! 05.14.09, 12:13pm
Nichanh I love it! Super simple and clean 05.14.09, 10:33am
Kayla Cute bathroom! I love black and white! So clean and fresh! I LOVE the tile! 05.14.09, 9:29am
People St. Clair Wow! The bathroom is beautiful. 05.14.09, 8:11am
Manon Oh it looks lovely. please post more of your remodeling of your home. Love that. 05.14.09, 1:44am
the BLAH BLAH BLAHger FABULOUS! 05.14.09, 1:23am
Chung What a stark contrast between before and after! Amazing remodel.... 05.14.09, 12:08am
Mike it goes with the cat! 05.13.09, 11:48pm
Erica Velasco Super cute!!!! 05.13.09, 11:29pm