Clipping Path Service Photojournalism is a devoted occupation. Without proper motivation it isn't possible to obtain your goal in this field. It is actually directly connected with 3rd eye, for this reason it is simply not an painless task. 06.08.16, 4:19am
clipping path Very nice photography. 11.19.15, 2:59am
nathan michael this is one of the most touching stories i have read in a long time...and the pictures turned out great :) 09.02.09, 12:21am
kate Triano I can't wait to see the photos from this shoot and I pray that Russ health and spirit stay strong through his illness. 06.24.09, 9:17pm
Island Girl I'm Babs' former sister-in-law but always a good friend. We both have been through rough times. This marriage was meant to be. They are both beautiful people. God bless you both for the times you've shared with me and your friendship. Babs you truly deserve this man's love. And he is one lucky man. This will have a happy ending, because I believe in happy endings. Besitos... 04.23.09, 8:11pm
Rob Love you bro and Barbs. I watched this relationship grow and still teared up. 04.01.09, 7:20pm
Auntie Dedie Shoot..I'm Russ's Aunt, and have been in on this story from its roots, but Barb's written words had me in tears too. Thanks sweetheart, needed that! They really are the most courageous, loving people, and come by it rightly from loving families. Way to go kids! Congrats, you deserve these pics. 03.29.09, 12:51pm
Carrie Rose Wow Jen, you were absolutely right. What an AMAZING story. I can feel the love between them all the way in CA. I'm so glad they have you to make their memories eternal. 03.26.09, 12:11am
julie Weisberg Beautiful and heartbreaking story. Please pass the kleenex! 03.06.09, 12:57am
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Rae Wow! I didn't expect to tear up. What a wonderful love story. I can't wait to see their pictures. My prayers go out to them. 03.04.09, 3:34pm
Stacy Lastinger WHERE are my tissues?!??!! Absolutely deserving! May all of us be blessed with this love! 03.04.09, 12:54pm
Beverly Yip Congratulations, Babs & Russ! May your love story touch many many more lovebirds out there. I applaud you for your strenght and courage. I pray for your happiness and optimism. Jen and Maria, YOU ROCK! Thank you for introducing this amazing couple. I am honored to have read your story. Love & Peace, Beverly Yip, San Francisco, CA. 03.04.09, 2:03am
anh Amazing story - cheers to Babs and Russ for being such an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!! 03.03.09, 10:56pm
susanne I am speechless and... sniff sniff. What a beautiful story and couple. My most sincere best wishes to Babs and Russ. 03.03.09, 9:28pm
Traci Romano FANTASTIC!!! 03.03.09, 7:11pm
imthiaz What a great story! I can't wait to see what you two will put together for this shoot. 03.03.09, 5:52pm
Natalie Babs & Russ- your inspirational story is truly unique and so deserving. Jen is the perfect photographer to capture your eternal love for each other. Congrats! 03.03.09, 5:45pm
Leanne Wow - amazing. And totally unexpected. Jennifer you'll do an amazing job for this lovely couple! Look forward to seeing pics :) 03.03.09, 5:40pm
Catherine What a beautiful story. I started sobbing.. Babs and Russ, you two have a wonderful love that will last forever. This couple deserves to win hands down. 03.03.09, 4:47pm
Gretchen What a perfect choice for a winner! I am so happy for them! 03.03.09, 4:07pm
Marie What an amazing story. Their relationship is the epitome of true love. I'm glad they won! 03.03.09, 4:07pm
Chung Nguyen A phenomenal love story. I'm so glad this couple won. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing the images you'll capture. 03.03.09, 4:02pm
Sarah Wow! Im crying right now. What a great story. They deserve to win 100% and I cant wait to see the photos. 03.03.09, 4:01pm
Jordana I'm in tears... what a beautiful couple to capture! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with them. 03.03.09, 3:58pm
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Melissa Vossler Two perfect people. With a perfect love story. I can't imagine anyone more fitting to be gifted these photos than "Babs and Russ". Congratulations to them!! 03.03.09, 2:20pm
JJ crap, I just got choked up...and I'm at work. 03.03.09, 2:20pm
Sara (Stinkerpants) Ditto Erica. I am so glad they won. 03.03.09, 2:07pm
erica velasco Wow...I seriously just started to tear up at my desk at work....I can't imagine a better story and a better couple to honor with photos...How amazing this opportunity is for them and that you are granting to needy couples. 03.03.09, 2:00pm