Clipping Care Photojournalism is usually a enthusiastic profession. Without proper enthusiasm it isn't possible to attain your ultimate goal in this area. It is actually directly linked with 3rd eye, because of this it is simply not an easy task. 06.11.16, 4:31am
clipping path It looking a sexy girl photography. 11.19.15, 2:31am
Remove white Background Wow the girl are very sexy and cute! 11.18.15, 6:05am
Ellen H. WOW. These are gorgeous! So many amazing shots. Aww, Jennifer - I wanna shoot with you again already! 08.16.09, 12:17am
Gedas What of lenses do you use for this photosesion? 02.26.09, 11:02am
Gedas woow beautiful! 02.26.09, 11:01am
Nicole Ha You're so wickedly good Jen. WOW! 02.14.09, 12:44am
Shayla These pictures are amazing! I'm sure sh'e heard it a million times but she's got that Angelina Jolie look going on. 02.12.09, 10:21pm
Nicole (perfectlyposh) These images are absolutely amazing!! Just beautiful. 02.07.09, 8:20pm
crissy farah I am just waiting for the day that you announce you are going into fashion! These images are out of this world! 02.05.09, 5:25pm
Heidi @ Zenadia Oh-my-goodness there are absolutely stunning!! 02.05.09, 12:05pm
jen clare (from dwf) S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. Can I please be a photo rockstar like you when I grow up? ;) 02.04.09, 2:23pm
Sarah Rhoads Skog! Wowie! This is an incredible post. You truly have a way of making women look and feel beautiful. It is a gift. Love you sister! 02.04.09, 9:44am
JENNIFER SKOG Wow! Thanks everyone! So, as far as the lighting, most were natural light with a pop of reflector here and there. The others in the black lace were video light. 02.03.09, 9:15pm
Lisa Lefkowitz Amazing! Your use of light is inspired. Love it! 02.03.09, 9:04pm
imthiaz houseman wow...amazing...gorgeous...stunning! 02.03.09, 4:47pm
cat from nextexit whoa!!! beyond gorgeous! 02.03.09, 12:28pm
bobbi Uhm.... when is your workshop.... I'll be the first one to sign up!!!!! YOU'RE AMAAAAAZINNNNNNG!!!! 02.03.09, 12:28pm
Danielle I think it might be time for you to quit weddings and start focusing on getting yourself into Vouge or Harpers... You're amazing 02.03.09, 12:04pm
Amber Hughes These are all completely stunning... I don't think I could choose a favorite if I tried! 02.03.09, 11:06am
Kayla WOW! These are gorgeous images and what a gorgeous model! Love your work! 02.03.09, 10:19am
jESSICA FAJARDO Wow... Absolutely gorgeous. what was your source of lighting for images 3 & 4? They came out amazing....Again, like always, I'm in awe..... 02.03.09, 12:18am