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So, I did it. I really did it...

I'm about to celebrate my first year wedding anniversary and I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It feel just like it was yesterday and I keep getting flashbacks! I miss being a bride!!!! So, I guess that the "one year" gift theme (or whatever) is paper. So, I went all the way; maybe too far...

Let me back up a little... throughout my youthful life, all I could dream about was marrying the man of my dreams and getting rid of this damn name that everyone pronounces incorrectly. For those of you who don't know, my last name is Skog; it rhymes with Vogue, not blog or frog... As if transitioning from private school to public school in the fifth grade wasn't hard enough, I had a couple of classmates that rode along side me on their bikes while I was walking home from school and would antagonize me with a song they had made up. "Jennifer Eggnog, Jennifer Eggnog..." Looking back, it's pretty ridiculous, but it would definitely upset me, my family says I used to cry, but I don't remember that. I must have blocked it out... I've forgiven those cruel boys since.

Anyway, it's been my whole life that people have mispronounced my last name, but high school, given that my name is Jennifer like everyone else's, most of my friends called me "Skog". I had gotten over correcting people mispronouncing my name and just lived with it. I actually didn't have to correct people because every first day of school when the new teacher mispronounced my name, I would hear my classmates roll their eyes and sigh "It's SKOG!" It became who I was, I had an identity and it felt good.

I graduated high school, started college, and started my own business, Jennifer Skog Photography. After about 8 years of shooting weddings part-time, I went full time, used my Marketing Degree and came up with Skog as in Vogue" for my tag-line. Then, I get married to the love of my life, Scott Stewart. What is a girl to do?

So, I decided to change my name for our first year anniversary. I woke up, headed to the county clerk's office, got the certificate of marriage that was never sent to us, and headed to the social security office. As I got closer and closer to the social security office, I started questioning if I knew what I was doing. Then I debated on hyphenating, you know, Skog-Stewart. But then decide no hyphenating, if I 'm going to do it, I should do it all the way.

As I drove up to the Social Security office, the build right next to it was 'Stewart Title' - what are the odds of that? I knew it must be a sign. So, I walked in and told ther security guard what type of form I needed. He directed me on my way, I got the form, and came back to fill it out on the counter in front of him. I filled every portion out except the top where it asks for your name. I had already called a few of my friends for moral support, but they weren't answering their phones, so I just stared into space. Suddenly the security guard asks, "Miss are you understanding everything, do you have a question about anything on there?" My eyes start to well up and I turn to him and utter "I'm just having a hard time giving up my name." I think he was a bit stunned or something because he didn't really know what to say and before I knew it, I had realized that the lady I was in line to see had already called my number 4 times! I walk up there completely crying by now, and hand over the form, she runs to get me kleenex and looks at me perplexed. I told her I was having a hard time giving up my name and she asked "Well Do you LOOOOVE him?" Of course. So I did it. Then the security guard walked me out and told me how I got him a little choked up as he could only hope that his daughter has as hard of time as I did giving up his name. That made me even a little more sad,

So, I did it. It's a surprise for Scott - don't worry, he won't read this... I just got my new SS card in the mail and it crushed me not to see Jennifer Renee Skog on the addresses envelope. I might have to actually hyphenate, I just feel like I'm missing something whenever I think about it. I made sure to check if I could re-change it, and I can! I think OI can about 10 times! I'll let you know how it works out, I certainly hope he loves it!
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