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Sometimes you just got to shoot something for yourself. This beauty is the younger sister of one of my favorite brides. After the wedding Maria and I were just itching to photograph this aspiring model! We brought on one of our favorite gals, Tanja Lippert to style and had a killer day with Donatella and her mom Simone. We raided Tanja's huge collection of vintage goodies, came up with the color story and mood, mixed in a few favs from Donatella including her sweet floral jacket from Element, new adidas kicks, and beats by Dre headphones.

Photography // Jennifer Skog
Styling // Tanja Lippert
H&M // Maria Chang, PMA

Photographed with both my Canon 5D Mk III edited with Red Leaf Boutique Lightroom Presets and Contax 645 with Fuji 400h film developed by The FIND lab

fashion, fashion inspiration, harem pants, fashion photographer, hip hop style
retro, that hair, long fro, poppy color story, campbell, model, test shoot
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