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Happy 2016!

Happy New Year!! I know, I'm late, but well, you know..Twenty-fifteen was a BIG year for us. We welcomed a sweet nephew/cousin in January, my family and I moved halfway across the country, and I officially became a jet-setting traveler for photo shoots & projects. I love how unexpected our work is from from moment to moment. You truly never know what you're going to get. Most times we meet our subjects for the first time the day we photograph them; and other times, when we are lucky, we get to create our magic with some of our favorite professionals and friends working by our side. Photographing people and connection is like having a tiny intimate window into getting to know someone like nobody else really does. Our eye through the lens is constantly searching for those true once in a lifetime moments to not only anticipate and find, but to record. It's amazing the people you meet and not knowing where I'm going next gives me a little sense of adventure. My 2016 is all about balance - I want to wake up earlier every morning, get into an actual routine, dance more, shoot more, gluten less, blog more, and love more. The diversity of my projects - lifestyle, fashion, weddings, branding, boudoir - gives me a fresh perspective with everything we shoot. Our Boudoir Shoots are off the hook, it's an experience of a lifetime that every woman should do more than once. Email us when you are ready to be daring. Be Bold! Do it! :)

Cheers to the New Year!


(Photo by Shannon Paras)
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