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Jen in Action

My good friend and incredible wedding videographer, Andrew from Studio MSV, approached about shooting a promo video to loop at the Promises and Pearls Bridal Soiree in March. My initial reaction was NO WAY!!! For as much as I talk, you would think that I really enjoyed the sound of my voice, but I actually really can't stand it. AND I can't help but cringe at the way I look on film - you know that saying about film adding 10 pounds on you - well, in my case, it's definitely true! With that said, Andrew finally convinced me to do so and promised to make me look good.

The first time I watched the show, my hands were completely covering my face in disbelief. Peaking through my fingers watching every moment, I had a permanent grin on my face. He did an unbelievable job, I really could not be more impressed. Brides - if you are looking for a stud of a videographer... give him a call!

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