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surprise party: for my little sis

My younger sister just finished up cosmetology school and passed her state board exam so in effort to celebrate her latest accomplishment we decided to throw her a party! I've never thrown a surprise party, so I thought this would be a fun to do for her. We threw her off by telling her it was a House Warming Party for Scott and I. With the help of MANY family and friends, we were able to pull it off! It took weeks of planning, from Scott and my brother doing yard work, my dad and brother picking up the rentals, my mom and some of my best friends helping setup, decorate and prepare the food and we Lindsay's boyfriend Drew kept her busy all day! On top of that, Nicole Ha came out to provide some incredible floral arrangements, Maria made an awesome dish AND did my hair :), Mauricio was our bartender for the night, and Augie Chang even stopped by to take a few photos and share in some laughs.

She was genuinely surprised and I was so excited to have pulled it off with everyone's help. It was such a fun night and me and Scott got to have our first party in the new house!

First a few of the decor shots...

My brother Rob and I designed Lindsay a logo for new business cards, we incorporated it in the menu design.

I think this is where she actually realizes that this was for her...

Linz and a few of her BFF's

Me and my babe

The whole fam

A few of my favorite Nicaraguans!

Hair by the fabulous Maria Chang of PMA

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