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MJ Lifestyle Magazine in the making

Who the hell starts a magazine?! I ask my sister.
Annoyed she responds Ugh, a lot of people!!

After hearing her response Im instantly brought back to every moment where I wanted to give up because it was either too hard or I just didnt think I was good enough.




Since I was a young girls these mantras have been present in my mind. However as an adult, the stakes seem so much higher, and self doubt starts to get the best of me. Where did these mantras come from? Who gave me the confidence to know that I do have it in me? Who instilled this in my mind so much so that I still use it to get out of my head?

As a mother who has her own two little ones starting off school and team sports and learning about the world, Ive become familiar with my childhood once again. It somehow becomes so clear how significant being a positive voice in your childs mind is.

Every time I doubted myself, whether is be on the soccer field or a school presentation or boys teasing me, I always had my dad on the sidelines cheering me on and my mom there to hold my hand. As a kid you are so consumed with yourself and the things happening around you, you dont understand the sacrifices your parents have made for you and you certainly don't appreciate it. Mom and Dad, you have given me everything and my family everything, I'm eternally grateful for the positive influence you have on us all. Thank you.

As I embark on this new adventure - launching a Womens Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine - Im terrified. But I also know that I am capable and I am unique and I can do anything I put my mind to. And if that little awkward girl with NO rhythm can make the cheer leading squad then this strong educated woman sure as hell can create a magazine!

We've got our hearts pounding with our newest passion project, MJLifestyle Magazine, a platform that believes in Inspiring Change by Encouraging Women to Share their Stories and Lift the Stigma. Cultivating a Positive Image for Women & Cannabis, Promoting Community, Diversity, and Radical Inclusion for all Women through Unity, Collaboration, and Creativity.

Follow along in the journey with me, Ill be sharing our steps along the way and would love to have you by our side!

For ways to share your story and get involved visit:
and follow us on Instagram @MJLifestyle

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by Maria Chang

As more and more ladies open up we will be sharing their stories. This is the story of a Woman who has gone against the odds to create her own life. And for the last decade she has opened my mind and pushed me to do things I've never thought I could. I need this woman by my side. I respect her wisdom, crave her positive energy and adore every ounce of her. Ladies & Gents, the other half of @MJLifestyle & CannaFEVER, Maria Chang.

"I believe in the wisdom of plants. I believe in the healing power of Cannabis. My relationship with the plant medicine is very personal but my story is a very common one. The story of many women in America.

I came to this country as a child refugee, my family had nothing but the clothes on our backs. We survived by the generosity of many along the way. Some gave a lot, some gave a little, but their gesture of generosity instilled in me a great sense of gratitude and appreciation for their choice to help us. It taught me that generosity is a choice, that kindness is always an option. Having this mindset, I was determined to make a success out of my life. I was determined to reciprocate so much faith put on us by all those who helped us. I was given a second chance and I was not going to waste it.

So I went into hustler survival mode at the age of 17. I left my parents house, bought my first home by the age of 21, founded my own company, and had a dream job. I became the American dream. The price I had to pay was to spend my twenties in a hamster wheel. I failed to realize that I was making myself sick in trying to prove my worth to the world. I suffered from undiagnosed Endometriosis and a Carcinoid tumor for 10 years, doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me. Plagued by extreme pelvic pain, I was put in a cocktail of pain killers (opioids) and antidepressant medications, until I developed a high dependency. The meds made me feel worse physically and emotionally and I spiraled down a rabbit hole so deep that my only option was to attempt suicide. I survived the attempt and it was my wakeup call, another second chance. Through all of this, I manage to keep afloat, to hide my depression from others. I felt so lonely.

As part of my treatment, I began to use cannabis to help me kick the opioids addiction. It jump started a journey of self-love and well-being. It helped me quiet my mind and I began practicing meditation regularly, that lead to a yoga practice and the study of Tantra. Step by step, I began to feel better. I was able to enjoy life again. It was a five year process of intense introspection and I learned to make myself a priority for the first time. I had to unlearn so many bad habits; the kind of habits that are hammered into womens mind like selflessness and sacrifice. We are told that we must give up all pleasure and stop pursuing our passions in order to take care of all the people around us. We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters; all those wonderful titles that come with a lot of responsibilities and expectations& and the woman gets lost. The woman gets put last.

My journey is far from over. I am happy to say that I am healthy, clear of mind, and living my highest self to the best of my ability. This state of being allows me to focus on myself, to look forward to continue learning, and playing. Free to explore my desires, my femininity, and my sensuality. Shamelessly asking the most important question& What do I want? Thanks to Cannabis, I am now in touch with the Goddess within me. The woman that I was mean to be&

Empowered, in charge of my mind and body, and expecting more second chances." - Maria Chang, PMA

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